Some Tips for perfect sewing

Some Tips for perfect sewing

You get the best of intentions and hopes when you start a sewing project. It’s mighty unfortunate that it turns out to be a dude you need to discard. You know that you are not going to wear it or use it anymore after all the hard work.

If repeated, this kind of disappointment would always destroy all your passion and imagination for sewing in the bud. We don’t want these sewing methods to be checked-if strictly practiced, they will make your sewing top notch.

  • Choose the optimal fabric: The fabric is expensive; the final product could often end up being much more expensive than what you might have seen in the shops. Do not purchase more than you need.
  • Prewash fabric before sewing: Most of the fabric shrink in the wash. If you have not prewashed the fabric, this will make your finished sewn project unfit to wear after the first few washes. Pre-washing the fabric is nothing more than washing it by hand and thoroughly drying it. Remember ironing out all the wrinkles before you use it.
  • Learn to properly cut fabric: Use Sharp good quality scissors to cut fabric and Ensure that the fabric is cut on the lengthwise grain for dresses pants skirts etc for proper drape and good fall.
  • Get a good enough sewing machine
  • Learn to make clothes from sewing patterns
  • Get some good sewing equipment and supplies: Most definitely, you already have the most necessary sewing equipment, such as sewing machines, tape measures, scissors, pins, chalk, and pattern paper.
  • Plan the sewing sequence in advance
  • Always clip and trim seam allowances where necessary: This is a requirement for seams to function nicely, especially if you have curved seams. There are curves in your pattern pieces and you stitch straight lines. To conform to the curves the seam allowances should be trimmed to the minimum and clipped at intervals
  •  Buy the best quality sewing notions and trims: The quality of the finished product is shouted out by sewing principles and trims you use on your clothing. With a cheap-looking zipper or button, even well-tailored clothes in a fine fabric can be ruined. So on this, do not compromise.
  • Follow couture sewing techniques: Using delicate invisible stitches, finishing the fabric edges are both methods designers use to finish their beautiful creations. Topstitching, edge stitching, using appropriate linings inside for great drape and shape, using hand-sewing adequately are all couture secrets that you can use
  • Check for loose thread trails and trim off
  • Meet the standards of clothing fitting: There are certain clothing requirements that you can make sure that your finished sewn product may comply with. Ensure that they are followed so that you make something that you are proud of



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